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Welcome to Alabama Hunting Today. This website is about hunting in Alabama and North America. As part of a global network of hunting websites at U.S. Hunting Today, Alabama Hunting Today focuses on this state and surrounding hunting communities. We are committed to preserving and promoting the hunting heritage through education, information and entertainment.

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How to Remove Rust From a Gun

By Steven T. Remington

    Removing surface rust from a gun without damaging the finish can be quite tricky if you aren't familiar with the process, but there are a couple easy methods that can be used that will save you time and energy. If the rust isn't very bad you may only need to spend 5 minutes. If there is serious rusting it could take 20 minutes per day for a few weeks. Keeping your gun free of rust helps preserve your gun's beauty and value, and it will help keep it functioning properly.

     Here is how:

* Get your gun oil out. I sometimes use "Inhibitor" but whatever you normally use to lube up your guns to prevent rust. Also head on over to the Home Depot and pick up some fine steel wool. You will want to get 00 steel wool normally found in the paint department. Once you get those 2 things find a nice comfortable spot where the gun can lay down without being scratched if the gun should slide around a bit. Newspapers on a work bench or a towel will work fine.

* Check to see if your gun is loaded. If it is, unload it.

* Apply oil directly on and around any rust spots.


* Now apply oil onto the 00 steel wool and gently rub the rusty areas. You won't need to rub hard just nice and softly working the wool back and forth.

* Have a rag handy and occasionally remove the oil and inspect the surface. The oil will turn brown if any of the rust is being removed. So wipe off the dirty oil occasionally and reapply clean oil onto rusty spots.

* Repeat as necessary until all the rust is gone. Sometimes you may want to lube up the gun and put it away for a couple of days and work at it again if the rust is real bad. Sometimes the outer surface of the rust needs to be loosened over time by the oil.

* This process will not harm the "bluing" on your rifle. Just be sure to not scrub so hard you'll scratch the finish. Firmly is fine, but remember it isn't necessarily strength that will remove the rust, but rather persistence, patience, and time.

*Once you remove all the rust, make sure to coat all steel surfaces of your gun with oil, using a clean rag, after each use.


By Steven Remington


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